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Sleep Is As Important As You Make It

WRITTEN BY Nancy Palermo Lietz, MD It is 2 am and you have just completed your to-do list for the third time. Included on the list is the desire to sleep more and to sleep better. If you are like

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Medicine Designed for the 21st Century

Medicine 21st Century

Written by Nancy Palermo Lietz, MD If you are standing on a tack, no amount of aspirin or pain medication will make the discomfort of the tack completely disappear. The medicine will only subdue the pain temporarily. You must remove the

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The Case for Supplements


WRITTEN BY Nancy Palermo Lietz, MD Multivitamins and supplements have the potential to fill in nutritional gaps and prevent deficiencies in a safe and effective way; however most practitioners question the value of their use. Patients are often told that if

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